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white PDO
  • The only white PDO threadlift in Korea that distinguishes itself from other brands in violet color

  • Transparent and undyed white PDO that is invisible under the skin

  • Optimized for the thin layers of skin on the nose, forehead and lower eyelid of various races

Thread Lift: Features

Premium Molding Cog

Dream Again on All Your Beauty


Because Molding Cog does not undergo thermal processing it can maintain the decomposition characteristics of PDO Mono and a constant shape without thermal denaturation.

It can maintain pulling force and durability for a long time. In addition, no burr remains after processing and it maintains the constant shape.

daiall premium moldin 6054_edited.jpg

And also, the Molding Cog’s end part is processed so that it does not cause pain after the treatment.

Thread Lift: Products

Braiding (Fill)

Exceptional Products

Another innovative product with METABIOMED‘s differentiated technology, Braiding is a new type of thread made of twisted  threads.

The tiny spaces between the twisted threads can be secured during the treatment, functioning as an advantage that the generation of collagen is activated in the spaces. There are variousutilization specifications for scaffold(support) and volume.(tissue restoration).

Available range & type of Braid/Fill cogs with Blunt (L) type of needle.

Thread Lift: Products

Spiral Double Arm

The double-arm needle is manufactured to make the attaching surface of the needle and the thread smooth compared to that of other brands which can minimize the damage of skin and tissue during the treatment.


And, it adopts 360 degree Spiral Cobra Cog to maximize the convenience of the operation, pulling force and durability.

The double arm needle. available in Blunt and spatula type.

Daiall spiral double arm 6060_edited.jpg
Thread Lift: Products


There are also a wide range of products
such as upgraded basic lines adopting the
white PDO with not showing through the
skin during skin treatment. Especially,
I-screw is a very effective product that
combines fine thread and blunt needle for
under-eye treatment.

Our products are top of the line. Contact us to learn more.

Thread Lift: Products

Mono line-up

Thread Lift: Text
basic line.png
Thread Lift: Image
Thread Lift: Text
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