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  • KEEP MOISTURE LOCKED IN! Did you restore moisture but your skin is not retaining it? Let your skin hold on to moisture and keep hydrated and healthy with Troiareuke laser cream containing Ceramide NP.
  • TESTED & PROVEN by Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences that this cream improved dry skin up to 195.67% even after 15 mins of warm/cold-air heating.
  • WHAT IS CERAMIDE? The dead-cell layer protects the skin against harmful substances from the skin’s outermost layer. If the dead-cell layer is flaking, that means the skin is not holding on to moisture. Ceramides are essentially the glue that holds our skin cells together to keep our skin barrier intact and healthy and it helps the skin retains more moisture.
  • IMPROVING ROUGH SKIN: The best hydrating cream that cures dry, flaky, coarse skin. To avoid flakiness, apply our laser cream before wearing makeup! A denser texture of the cream will keep your skin hydrated and maintain its texture all day long.
  • INGREDIENTS FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Plant-derived Squalene (softening, soothing dry skin), Panthenol (Moisturizing), Ceramide NP (Retaining moisture)

Troiareuke Laser Cream

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