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TROIPEEL AT HOME KIT, Skin Resurfacing Spa Treatment Kit with Spicule Cream with 3 Peptides and Facial Serum with 7 Peptides and Gold for Flaky, Acne-Prone, Sensitive Skin | Korean Skin Care


  • ESTHETICIAN'S SKIN CARE AT HOME: This kit includes a G&S Ampoule and Peel and Fill Cream. G&S Ampoule is a hydrating ampoule that contains GOLD, which moisturizes and purifies the skin. It is ideal for all skin types including oily, dry, dehydrated, sensitive, and aging skin. Peel and Fill Cream is a spicule cream that is formulated with botanical extracts and peptides that deeply nourishes the skin.
  • FEELS ITCHY AND STINGING? Yes, it will feel itchy and stinging, and that's because of spicule from the moisturizing cream. You just planted the spicule into the skin to remove excess dead skin cells and enhance the skin barrier. The itchiness will last for 12 to 24 hours. This ampoule and cream work as a skin rejuvenating and resurfacing treatment to improve dull skin and make beautifully glowing complexion.
  • MAKES YOUR SKIN DRY? It is a temporary symptom that can happen as spicule gets absorbs and activate skin turnover. Be sure to apply G&S Ampoule on top or another lightweight moisturizer to alleviate the symptom.
  • MAKES YOUR SKIN LOOK WORSE? If you mean that you see more dead skin cells and flakiness, that's COMPLETELY NORMAL. The spicule from Peel and Fill Cream penetrates into dermis and stimulates skin turnover, pushing new cells out the skin and causes flakiness. Do not use acid peeling to exfoliate. Keep your skin hydrated by using TROIAREUKE Skin Complex Formula or other lightweight moisturizers.
  • TIPS: Recommended to use 1-2 times a week. *Make sure that you are not allergic to herbs by patch testing onto wrist or behind ears.

TROIPEEL At Home Kit (G&S Ampoule & Peel and Fill Cream)

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