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a personalized skincare prescription system that targets different skin types and disorders which gives great satisfaction to every skin condition.

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Customized 1:1 skincare prescription system provides today’s skin solution through; Chroma therapy, Aromatherapy, and Color therapy. This gives holistic treatment to every skin.




Aesthetic BB A+

Aesthetic BB Cream for Normal, Oily & Combination skin

A skincare make-up that considers both cover and soothing, it regenerates BB cream that creates a moist skin on the inside and a smooth skin on the outside. (No.21-Bright Beige)

Aesthetic BB H+

Aesthetic BB cream for neutral, dry and aging skin

A moisturizing BB cream with a moisturizing type that is moist inside and moist on the outside. (No. 22-Natural Beige)

Cell Energy Cream

Daily moisture nutrition cream recommended for dry and neutral skin

Aesthetic nourishing cream that optimally matches oil and moisture balance for rich moisturizing and vital skin

AGT Hydro Essence

Gel Type Multi Moisture Essence for all skin that needs moisture

Multi-moisture essence that can be used as an essence, primary pack, or sleeping pack by adding skin soothing with instant cooling and calming effect

Cell Energy Mask Formula

Wash Off Pack Mask for Dry & Normal Skin

Aesthetic multi-mask made by utilizing gypsum mask's nutrient supply function, clay mask adsorption function, modeling mask cooling and soothing function.

Healing Cocktail (70ml)

1:1 customized moisture solution esthetic ampoule toner for each skin problem

An antioxidant moisturizing toner, blends four ampoule-specific custom ampoules to instantly soothe skin's distress in response to skin conditions.

Healing Cockatil.png


Highly moisturizing shield cream for dry and very dry skin

A shield cream that protects the filled moisture from flying away and acts as a natural artificial barrier for thin, flaky skin.

Ultra Vitamin UV Protector

Sunscreen for Dry, Neutral, Aging Skin

Aesthetic sunscreen agent that gives a feeling of elasticity and sun care as soon as it is applied as a mineral&chemical sunscreens type without turbidity and jungle to make the skin more lively

Skin Complex Formula

Antioxidant moisturizing toner for all skin needs

A spray-type moisturizing toner that instantly replenishes skin with effective moisture due to its antioxidant function.

GPS Mask

Home-SPA 3 step mask for all skin

Complete home spa kit with 1st stage waste cleansing and hydrating in and out deep cleanser, 2nd stage special anti-aging gel sheet mask for quick heat dissipation and regeneration, and 3rd stage moisture cream

Porcelain for face

Aesthetic face ware for those who want more professional care

Not only increases the absorption of cosmetics and helps circulation, Awsthetic beauty tool to apply self-care to contour management by applying pressure without applying much force

Porcelain for face.jpg
1010 엠케이유니버셜00413.png


Home Aesthetic Kit for those new to professional skin care

Hypoallergenic moisture gel type cleanser 'ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing' 1:1 moisturizing solution for each skin concern, the Healing Cocktail ampoule toner, A kit consisting of TROIAREUKE best products, consisting of a moisturizing regenerative cream called 'ACSEN Recovery', which restores sensitive skin barriers

Formula Ampoule

Aesthetic prescription ampoule that quickly solves the 4 major skin problems

1: 1 custom ampoule that helps to treat various problems on the skin by using the plant's healing phytochemical

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